Gluestick Zine Fest

Gluestick Zine Fest (previously Gluestick Festival/Three Hole Punch) started in 2016 as a small scale zine festival. Inspired by visiting both Brooklyn Zine Fest and CAKE we wanted to organize and bring Indianapolis a zine fest. While we definitely focus on zines and small publishing we love to host bands, DJs, featured speakers, and exhibitions. This year is Gluestick 7 and we couldn’t be more excited!

We will be returning to Black Circle in Broad Ripple on September 30th from 12pm-6pm.

Applications will open on June 24th.

Gluestick participants By Year:

gluestick zine fest 2022

Poster by Maria Iqbal


Sloan Marshall (Lafayette, Indiana)
Lil Boat Boutique (West Indianapolis, Indiana)
Sean Dempsey (Chicago, Illinois)
Katie Armentraut (Chicago, Illinois)
Bridget Hayes (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Abby Kacen (Cincinatti, Ohio)
Megan Sheetz (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
Emily Wiley (Lafayette, Indiana)
ADVM Creations (Chicago, Illinois)
New Cult (Chillicothe, Ohio)
Nell McKeon (Chicago, Illinois)
Paul Cooke/Dubious Books (Lexington, Kentucky)
Kay Reed/Paper and Glue Independent Press (Cincinatti, Ohio)
Kristin Ousley (Bloomington, Indiana)
The Topophiliac Project (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
East 38th Street Zine Collection (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Chris Resnick (Chicago, Illinois)
Jone Greaves (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Johnny Willems (Northwest Indiana)
Matthew Barron (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Paige Wyatt (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Kelsey Bee (Lafayette, Indiana)
Adair Allen (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Qynce B. Chumley (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Michael McLean (Mishawaka, Indiana)
IDOC Watch (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Mary Arnett-Delaney (Muncie, Indiana)
D. Jeffrey (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Eyehart Toys (Bloomington, Indiana)
SC Murphy (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Sly Badges (Indianapolis, Indiana)
DéjàVuVisuals (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Read Write Books (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Ren Harcar (Cleveland, Ohio)
Mallory Hodgkin (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Kit Vasey (Columbus, Ohio)
Four Eyed Media (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Mullet Turtle Comics (Groveport, Ohio)
Julia Eff/CRAPANDEMIC (Bloomington, Indiana)



Harry Otaku


Three Hole Punch 2021

Poster by FITZ


Sly Badges

Grown Ass Kids

Maria Iqbal

Dr. Doomtone’s Dungeon

RJ Flemings

Skillful Studios

Jone Greaves

Sean Dempsey (Chicago, IL)

Katie Armentraut (Chicago, IL)

Sloan Marshall

Mitchell Burns

Riot Grrrl Press (Union City, IN)

Lil Boat Boutique

Goblin Trash

Naptown Punk

Cait Renk




Jeff DeHerdt

Ty Luv the MC

TJ & Teresa Reynolds

Three Hole Punch 2020


…was virtual due to the pandemic. You can browse our hashtag to see work from zinesters and creatives in quarantine!

Three Hole Punch 2019

Poster by Justin Runyan


Comic Carnival
Loren Bondurant (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Maria Iqbal
Doctor Doomtone’s Dungeon
Alessandra DC
Divided By Zero Books
Feels So Reel Music
Spooky Girlfriend Press
Jacquie Cope
Feel And Heal Poetry
Matthew Barron
Hippie Nerd Creations
Yuri Duncan
Martin Clinch
Uyen Nguyen (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
Erik Lundorf
Sean Yager
Grown Ass Kids
Chris Homa (Chicago, Illinois)
S.B. Mulryan
Katie Armentraut (Chicago, Illinois)
Charlie Lentz
Frankie Spring
Sean Dempsey (Chicago, Illinois)
Kate Dobson
Ayla Walter
rabbit v. alice
Justin Runyan
Liana Buszka


The Latin For Maple

The Executive Disorders



Mark Dippel

D. Strange

Oh Europa

Business Dolls

neal rulez

Gluestick Festival 2018

Poster by Chris Escobar

Erik Lundorf (Indianapolis, Indiana)

5to9zine (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Michael Mirabile (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Bri Rudd (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Face A Face (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Work Press & Publication (St. Louis, Missouri/Champaign, Illinois)

Katie Armentraut (Chicago, Illinois)

Kith and Kin Press (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Yuri Duncan (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Flesh Book (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Winifred Kehl (Columbus, Ohio)

Liana Buszka (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Chris&Gin (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Worser Beings (Atlanta, Georgia)

Jacob Bouvet (Springfield, Illinois)

Kristin Ousley (Bloomington, Indiana)

Weird Fleshy Heart Forge (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Vulcher (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Charlie Lentz (Bloomington, Indiana)

Sean Yager (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Defectivepudding (Absecon, New Jersey)

New Cult (Lancaster, Ohio)

Sean Dempsey (Chicago, Illinois)

Monster House Press (Bloomington, Indiana)

Floating Head (St. Louis, Missouri)

Deathbot Manufacturing (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Cat Head Press (Indianapolis, Indiana)

S. Jane Mills (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Mike Rippy (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Comic Carnival (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Maria Iqbal (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Devil Girl From Mars (Indianapolis, Indiana)

SC Murphy (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Perennial Magick Press (Valparaiso, Indiana)

Zachary Auburn (Rochester, New York)

very very small press (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Nate Hillyer (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Bee Eater Press (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Ashton Boehman (Irvington, Indiana)

Mary E. Mindiola (Lawrence, Indiana)

Paul Shortt (Muncie, Indiana)

Learning Curve at Central Library (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Tom & Ren (Cincinatti, Ohio)

Angie Vanderluit (Anderson, Indiana)

The Indianapolis Art Center’s Teen Art Council (Indianapolis)

Noah Decaf (Columbus, Ohio)

Sugar Space (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Sprout Distro (Bloomington, Indiana)

Cody Coffman (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Griffin Miller (Chicago, Illinois/Angola Indiana)

Where The River Frowns (Evansville, Indiana)

Nathan Margoni (Benton Harbor, Michigan)

Rick V. (Bloomington, Indiana)

Joe Augustin (Richmond, Indiana)

Meta Flop (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Emily Timm (Bloomington, Indiana)

Megan Smith (Warsaw/Indianapolis, Indiana)

Divided By Zero (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Avery Thompson (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Sydnee Anders (Cincinatti, Ohio)

Evansville Critical Thought (Evansville, Indiana)

Three Hole Punch 2018

Poster by SC Murphy


Forward Motion
The Holy Sheets
Sam Stone 
Dos Ringos
Rob Funkhouser
The Dockers
The Medusa
Lucy Furr
Achilles Tenderloin
Mark Dippel
Zurich Cloud Motors
Duncan Kissinger


Avery Loren
Danielle Graves
Maria Iqbal
Mackenzie Loosemore
Half Life Zines
Sean Yager
Kaitlyn DeSpain
S. Jane Mills
Joe Augustin

Gluestick Festival 2017

Poster by Brett Manning

Mark Murrmann

Brett Manning

Face A Face

Anne Buckwalter

Katie Armentraut

Rachel Dause

Adam Gundrum

S. Jane Mills

Maria Iqbal

Ed Blair

Susan Fleckenstein/Devil Girl From Mars

Julia Eff

Liana Buszka

Darcy Stricker

Nate Hillyer

Burdock House

Jon Drawdoer

Katie Cisek

Pubes and Tudes

Furious Flair

Kaitlyn DeSpain

Food Not Bombs Indy

Brain Twins

Chris Escobar

Elsy Benitez

Kelsey Simpson


Kelsey Blacklock

Gustavo Tavouriel

Evansville Letters To Prisoners

Where the River Frowns


Danielle Graves

Perrenial Magick Press

The Ladydrawers Comics Collective

Monster House Press

Vouched Books

Box Truck Press

The Literary Underground 

Veronica Leto

Deathbot Manufacturing

Vulcher Fanzine

Sean Yager

Kristin Ousley

Sean Dempsey

Indy10 Black Lives Matter

Gluestick Festival 2016

Poster by Jacob Gardner

Bone Shaker Books

S. Jane Mills

Jason C. Neuman

Darcy Stricker

Jon Drawdoer

Elsy Benitez

Bailey Jean Hillis

Grant Lewandowski

Ed Blair

Cher Guevara

Sybilla Bryson/The Heartland Underground


Magnetic South

Ayun Halliday

Rachel Dupont

Susan Fleckenstein

Mike Rippy

Vouched Books

General Public Collective

Brent Bultemeier

Maria Iqbal

Freedom Indiana

Food Not Bombs